Dr. A Szydlo

Dr. Andrew specialises in the history of chemistry. However, unlike most academics, he practices what he preaches. Known for his highly performative approach to talks, he’s given sellout lectures everywhere from The Wellcome Collection to the Royal Institution, all of which went down with a bang; audience member abound with anecdotes of him whipping out gypsy violins for a quick fiddle or blowing things up mid-talk.

Drawing on his love of photography, music and art, expect a multi-sensory expedition into the history of explosives. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, perhaps a glimpse at his rider will. His lecture materials include, hydrogen balloons, gun cotton, magnesium powder, a stereo (for the purposes of exploding), liquid nitrogen and ping pong balls.
Speaking a mile a minute, armed with a host of musical instruments and a bag of potions, Andrew delivers a chemistry lesson unlike any you’ve seen before. Expect a lot of bangs, a few tunes and a finale that quite literally blew the lid off our lecture series.