Electric Swing Circus

The Electric Swing Circus is a 6-piece fusion of saucy 20’s swing and stomping electro beats. With an explosive sound that sends reverberations back through time, their own unique style of swing guarantees that the ESC always brings the party!

A full time, touring band on the international circuit, the ESC’s live set includes electric double bass, vintage samples, gypsy-jazz guitar, keys, drums, synths and electro beats. With a strong female lead, the ESC delivers a consistently dazzling show. First forming in 2011, all three of their releases – “Penniless Optimist EP” (2011), “Electric Swing Circus” (2013) and their recently-released sophomore album, “It Flew By” (2017) – are available through Ragtime Records.

The ESC line-up features Vicki Olivia (vocals), Chandra Walker (drums and keyboard), Tom Hyland (guitar), Rashad Gregory (samples, MPC & synths) and Patrick Wreford (bass & bass synth).

Ladies and Gentlemen, hold onto your hats. The circus is coming to town!