Dance Classes

Stomp Stomp 2018 Is coming!

A unique swing dance weekend of Lindy hop/solo jazz workshops alongside Swingamajig Festival on 5th -6th May 2018


Swingamajig, the UK’s largest alternative vintage festival and The Swing Era – Birmingham’s hottest swing dance school are coming together to run a day of dance workshops with a party in the evening!

Whether you are complete beginner or a seasoned dancer there is something for everyone, with 4 ability groups and internationally acclaimed teachers, it is a fantastic opportunity to brush up your moves before heading to Swingamajig Festival.

We also run an open class – Solo Jazz for Electro Swing where we fuse elements of traditional jazz with street dance and everyone is welcome to that class, whatever your level.

The classes are followed by a Party at All Saints Community Centre/Circus Mash in Kings Heath with a live 16 piece swing band, the Jim Wynn Swing Orchestra, and also a dedicated beginners room so whatever your level you can come and join in the fun.

Check out this video of 2016’s Stomp Stomp!

What is Included?

Beginners/Solo Jazz for Electro Swing:

£30 for 3 hrs of dance workshops on Saturday
+ the Saturday night party.

Then get your Swingamajig ticket for just £20 (saving up to £15)


£55 for 6 hours of workshops Saturday/Sunday
+ the Saturday night party

Then get your Swingamajig ticket for just £20 (saving up to £15)


£75 for 6 hours of workshops Saturday/Sunday
+ the Saturday night party

Then get your Swingamajig ticket for just £20 (saving up to £15)

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Where & When

Classes will cover a mixture of Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz Steps and take place at a variety of venues across South Birmingham.

Saturday Night Social (included with the workshops)

Join us at this party at the All Saints Community Centre/Circus mash where we will be dancing until late to some of the hottest DJs around, as well as a fantastic Big Band!  With two rooms, we will have one space for social dancing and then the second as a dedicated beginners/practice space so whatever your level come join us and let’s dance the night away.

Doors open at 20:00 until Midnight

The address is:
All Saints Community Centre/Circus Mash – Vicarage Road Kings Heath Birmingham B14 7RA 


The address for the beginners/improvers classes is:
All Saints Community Centre – Vicarage Road Kings Heath Birmingham B14 7RA 

(Saturday only)
1:30pm Registration
2:00pm Classes Start
6:00pm Classes Finish


The address for the improvers, intermediate and Advanced classes is:
Moseley School Sports Centre, Springfield Road, Birmingham, B13 9LR


10:30am Registration
11am Classes Start
4:30pm  Classes Finish


11.30am Classes Start
1.30pm Classes Finish


Jazz for Electo Swing

The address for the Jazz for Electro Swing classes is:
South Birmingham TBC – Venue Information coming soon

(Saturday only)
12:30 Registration
1pm Classes Start
5pm Classes Finish

What about dancing at the Festival itself?

This year at the Swingamajig Festival we’ll be having a dedicated space just for swing dancers at both the festival and the after party so you can be social dancing all day!! with DJs and live bands as well as taster classes in a different venue.

Which ability level class should I join?

It’s always hard to balance students levels so we really need your help to be as honest as possible with your level. As we don’t run auditions for levels we rely on you to choose the right level depending on your experience. Although you will pick your own level please be aware that the teachers may ask you to change level if they feel it’s appropriate for your learning requirements.  If you are not sure which class is right for you just send us an email on and we will be more than happy to advise

If you have never danced before and fancy giving it a go, this is the class for you. The class will progress at a gentle pace and it is a lot of fun!

This is a class for novice dancers who are ready to push themseleves to the next level.  To sign up for the classes we  recommend that you have taken a short course of lindy hop classes, you should have tried social dancing but don’t worry if you re not confident with that yet.
You should know 6 count, 8 count and Charleston footwork, with triple steps and kick downs.  Circle, Swing out, bring in and pass

The intermediate class is for you if you are comfortable dancing 6 count and 8 count lindy hop.   Recommended for people who have been dancing at least 1 year and attend social dance events.
You should be familiar with 6 /8 count and Charleston footwok with variations.  Texas Tommy, tandem Charleston, pop turns as well as variations on basic moves like a pass, swing out or circle.

The Advanced level is the highest level for Stomp Stomp. If you have been dancing a minimum of 2 years, attending regular weekly classes, social dancing on a regular weekly basis and also attending numerous swing dancing weekenders then this is the level for you
you should be confident dancing at any tempos, adding variations and individual styling into your dancing. please be honest with yourself before signing up to this level.

Solo Jazz for Electro Swing
This is an open class suitable for all ability levels, though it will be fast paced and aimed at people with some experience of dance, – though not necessarily in swing dance. If you’ve done a bit of lindyhop/ tap/ jazz/ zumba/ street/ salsa etc or you are fast at picking things up and you want to push yourself then this is the class for you.

Lead or follow?
Traditionally in Lindy Hop the Lead role is for guys, and the follow for gals, however you are totally free to dance whichever role you like and it’s great practice to learn both. You are welcome to sign up to dance which ever role you like, we will keep an eye on the numbers and make sure the classes are balanced so that when we rotate partners in class there are no long waits.