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There’s plenty going on, over the Swingamajig weekend! (Click on the images below to buy tickets for one of our events)

On May 5th (the day before the main event) we are running a series of Dance Workshops including lindy hop and aerial circus skills – these workshops require a separate ticket to Swingamajig Festival, and must be booked in advance.

Swingamajig Festival itself runs from 2pm – 2am on May 6th 2018.

We’ll also be running an incredible Vintage Bazaar alongside Swingamajig festival on May 6th which is free entry and not ticketed – kids are very welcome!

The Swingamajig Afterparty runs from 23:45am – 6am and requires an Afterparty ticket. These Afterparty tickets are only £5 if booked alongside your Swingamajig Festival ticket.

Swingamajig Afterparty

30th April 2017

Swingamajig Festival

30th April 2017