Homegrown goodness, Birmingham’s best.

Although we’re proud to present some of the finest international and world renowned performers, Swingamajig is proud to also represent the finest in Brummie brilliance. We’re a Birmingham home grown brand and we deliver the very best of Birmingham’s native talent, whether artists or groups or organisations, Brum does it best!


Electric Swing Circus
Electric double bass, vintage samples, gypsy-jazz guitar, keys, drums, synths electro beats and a sassy female double-act to lead it all, that’s what you can expect from the Electric Swing Circus! The 6 piece band combines a host of talents to create a truly explosive live experience and the lineup of Vicki Olivia and Ella Faith (vocals), Chandra Walker (drums and keyboard), Tom Hyland (guitar), Rashad Gregory (samples, MPC & synths) and Patrick Wreford (bass & bass synth) have all been long time Birmingham residents and were formed jamming together in Kings Heath and Moseley. With a host of live performances and releases under their belts these guys are certainly qualified to represent the Birmingham sound.


Jim Wynn Swing Orchestra

16 of Birmingham’s finest make up the Jim Wynn Swing Orchestra and between them they’ve got a monstrous range of musical talent, if there’s an instrument about, one of these Brummies knows how to play it – trumpeters, trombone players, saxaphonists, pianists , guitarists, bassists, a drummer and a vocalist make up this group and between them they deliver some massive big band sound with amazing technicality and brilliant talent, some of the city’s finest musicians, assembled into an absolute power house.


C@ in the H@
C@ in the H@ is one of the most versatile and innovative performers to hail from the heart of The Midlands. He comes from King’s Heath and alongside Top Hat from Electric Swing Circus he’s responsible for the Electro Swing powerhouse that is Brum’s own Ragtime Records. His musical sensibilities are hard to nail down but he describes his style as “Swing with the Big Bass sound!” If you’re gonna check one of his DJ sets then prepare to be blown away as he fuses Swing with Turntablism, Dubstep, Jungle, House, Reggae and whatever else he feels is appropriate during his mission to make people dance!


Rino & the Ranters

It’s hard to define Rino and the Ranters. They’ve been described as Cow-punk, Gospel Blues, Roots, Rock & Roll and Bluegrass. Settled in Birmingham the group are currently made up of; Ryan Webb (vocals, guitar, banjo and harmonica), Loz Kingsley (mandolin, backing vocals), Pete Hammond (drummer), Richard March (bass) and Andrew Pell (lead/rhythm guitar, backing vocals). A fusion of You’ll never have heard something quite like them, so get down and experience some Ranter music.


Doktah Jekyll
This dreadlocked junglist soldier has been playing in Birmingham for the best part of 15 years. The co-founder of ‘City of Colours’, Birmingham’s very own street art festival and an avid artist and musician himself, Doktah Jekyll spans a multitude of musical styles, from Dub and Reggae to Hip-Hop to Funk to Drum and Bass and can be found laying down beats at events all across the second city. As well as his frequent rinse-outs in the jungle scene both alone and with B2B partner Skant, he also holds down a regular residency at Digbeth Dining Club and runs his own dubwise event ‘Innah Steppah Style’ in conjunction with the earth shaking  Static Hi Fi soundsystem.



The brainchild of founders Zaq and Joe – CircusMASH is the lifeblood of circus in the Midlands. Together they make circus accessible and approachable while maintaining the high standards needed for mind blowing and safe performance. Community engagement and the development of up and coming performers are what makes CircusMASH tick and their work is based on the rock solid foundation of their ethos: circus is our passion and community is our purpose. As well as providing workshops and games on the day of Swingamajig, they’ll also be running a specialist class the day before.


Drum n’ Bounce

What better way to make a workout thoroughly enjoyable than to add in a splash of Drum and Bass goodness. That was the reasoning behind Brum’s own Drum n’ Bounce. A little while later, with a sprinkling of dub, a dollop of bass and whole load of energy  – Drum n’ Bounce was born! These Shambala veterans are getting down to Swingamajig for their first ever time this year and you need to get involved for something that’ll definitely leave you sweating but definitely keep you smiling.



That’s just a selection of our local talent, there’s loads more to find as you explore, including Phat Sam, Punch The Sky, Lola Lamour, Cracker Actors, Skant, Hoop Hoop Hoop Hoop, Marc Lavelle The Swing Era and City of Colours so get dive in and see what you can find!