Vintage/Craft stallholders

Swingamajig Bazaar – Birmingham on May 6th 2018.

Back and bigger and better for 2018 is the Swingamajig Bazaar, a vintage/craft market with streetfood, as well as a load of free activities, games, dance worhshops and more. Developing a quirky and alternative family friendly space, and the perfect way to spend your Sunday morning/afternoon.

The bazaar will take place in the street as well as inside Spotlight/Mamma Rouxs/be accessible to all – you don’t need to buy a ticket for the festival to come to the market so alongside the 4,000 people expected at Swingamajig Festival, we will expect more people to come specifically for the market. The vintage market will run from the morning until aprox 6pm. At which point the market closes to the public to allow for the derig, while the festival continues next door into the night.

For traders there are three options in the vintage Bazaar, trading from 11:00 – 18:00

1) Inside covered space, this is either inside one of the venues or the covered area with the food
2x2m space £30
4x2m pitch £45
3x3m pich £45
Due the the layout of the spaces we can’t always offer you your prefered size, but we will do our best to meet everyones requirements

2) Outdoor space in the street outside the venues

Structures up to 3x3m in size £30
Structures up to 3×4.5m in size – £40
Larger structures – just get in touch for pricing

These are places in prime position so everyone will see it on the way in to the event. (please bring your own gazebo, tables, and rails) and you must provide sufficiant weighting/ballast for your strucutre and if it is not safe you will not be allowed to trade.  If you require information on saftey and temporary structures please get in touch.

3) Outdoor space inside the festival
There is also the option to have a Gazebo within the festival itself trading from 2pm until 2am. These are priced at £60 per Gazebo and if you are interested in trading at the festival itself – just get in touch to let us know. This is most suitable for things like face painting, dress up and that sort of thing.

Additional extras
We can also provide
Electricity supply £5
Tables £5

What we are looking for
Vintage clothes
artisan food stuffs (in jars/things that are easily transportable)
Hair, make up

How to book?
Please apply via the website or send an email with your details to with your details and then we will send a link to the booking website. We check everyone before hand to make sure there is a good mix on offer and operate on a first come first served basis.

There is plenty of parking in the streets around the site, and though we can’t reserve space for you, we will designate an area for stall holder vehicle parking to make things easier. Drop off and collection will be via Heath Mill Lane. There will be no vehicle access to lower trinity street for the duration of the event.

Access to the festival afterwards,
We do a special discounted traders ticket for £10 so after you have packed up you can let your hair down and join us for the party.  Normally limited to 2 per stall but if you have more people who are helping (and not just trying to get a cheap ticket) get in touch and we will help.

Any questions please get in touch on