Swingamajig 2016 Sustainability Round-up

We love festivals and we love the local environment we put them on in. So every year we do our very best to reduce the impact we have on our surroundings and the wider world that we inhabit. Since we started Swingamajig in 2013 we have made some real improvements and here are some of the headlines from this year.

This year Swingamajig joined Energy Revolution, is a festival industry collaboration that turns fossil-fuel travel miles into a direct investment in renewable energy projects. The wonderful Swingamajig attendees accounted for 11,238 miles which equates to 3.5 tonnes of co2. Alsongside festivals such as Boomtown and Secret Garden Party, Energy Revolution has invested in a 4.2MW solar farm at Lawrence Weston in Bristol.

For the second year running we ran the reusable cup scheme, which saved 50kgs of plastic from going to landfill and keeps the dancefloor tidy for this jiving feet. too. We love the fact that these cups can get reused again and again, year on year and it was great to see them in use at our sister event Shambala, where we run the Swingamajig Speakeasy.

Due to the separatebins for food waste, dry mixed recyclables and landfill and the great sorting efforts of our recycling team we recycled 79% of all of the waste from the site.
Our food traders played their part by serving food on compostable serveware, and choosing local and ethically sourced products were possible. The food was (as Im sure you will agree) was delicious and a special shout out to Hungry Toad who won our Inspirational trader award for their in-depth sustainability policy, their donations to local food banks and ambitions to be 100% solar.

Speaking of energy, all the electricity at the event either came from the national grid (which has a lower carbon footprint than diesel generators used at lot’s of temporary events ) or from bio-diesel generators, that were filled with biodiesel made from used chip fat.