General Volunteer Applications

Every year Swingamajig has a cracking team of volunteers that work throughout the event to make sure that everything runs smoothly. If it wasn’t for our amazing team of volunteers, Swingamajig would not be the magical event that it is.

Some people like to volunteer to get hands on experience at festivals/events and some people want to get involved but still spend plenty of time enjoying the festival. We try and tailor the volunteer shifts to give you the experience you are looking for.

If you volunteer then you will get a free ticket to the festival and depending on how long you are working we will also feed you too.  Volunteers do not automatically get an afterparty ticket but if you check the box on you application you can sign up for an extra 2 hours and get an after party ticket.  Please remember that depending on the rota you might be asked to spend some time in another department during your allotted shift (general/site/artist liaison)  and we need our stewards to be flexible as per the needs of the festival.  Your hours will be given to you in advance along with your main responsibilities on the day.

General Volunteers

This could be anything from stewarding by a fire exit or side of stage, to litter picking, wrist-banding at the festival in exchange for your ticket we ask you to work either:

4 hours in the afternoon taking place some time between 13:00 and 21:00
3 hours in the evening taking place some time between 19:00 and 00:00


General Volunteers Application Form