Behind the scenes update from the ESC – March 2019

Hello Swingamajigers,

It has been a very busy few months at Swingamajig HQ.  We have been working all hours to put together the most incredible Swingamajig to date this May.  We thought we would give you guys a bit of an update as to what is happening behind the scenes.  Here are a series of blogs from different members of the ESC (the band behind the festival):  The first one from Tom pictured above, who never stops festival planning …

It will come as no great surprise that our biggest challenge this year has been shaping the festival creatively to fit in our new venue – the  Botanical Gardens – or, more correctly, ‘new spaces’ as this year the Afterparty is about twice the size it has been in the past. For the first time, the Afterparty will have proper Swingamajig production, live bands, DJs performers, the works.

As much as we liked the space in Digbeth, we are very glad to be getting out, particularly after last year’s problems.  The change of venue is a breath of fresh air.  Both venues have been absolutely fantastic to work with but, most of all, they have the perfect look and feel for our creative vision and the natural evolution of the festival. By day, we can focus on making a fantastic family friendly day out, with incredible live bands, and the best cabaret line up Birmingham has ever seen.  This takes place in a beautiful setting with delicious street food and a vintage market.  By night, our after-party party venue is a blank canvas so we can really go do to town. We will be transforming the Afterparty with performers, projections, and decor and this alongside a stunning line up of live bands and DJs.

With the line up booked and the site mapped out, for the next few weeks I will be sorting out the nuts and the bolts of the festival, health and safety, and medical and security plans.  One big change this year is that the Botanical Ball is accessible to under 18s, and although we don’t expect to sell lots of child tickets, it is great for us because it will add to that family friendly daytime atmosphere.  All being well we will have all our procedures written up and ready for checking by the middle of March and will be ready to deal with any eventuality.

Though Swingamajig work is a bit of a mountain at the mo, ESC work doesn’t ever stop either.  We are currently working on new material which we will be playing at the festival, as well as a brand new release which should be coming out around May time too.  So lots of exciting things in the pipeline, but for now it is time to return to my spreadsheets…