Behold… The Vintage Bazaar Unveiled!

We previously promised you that we’d soon update you with some details on our brand new vintage market… Well the time has come to roll up and see just what we’ve got for you!




First up we’ve got the heart of the bazaar experience, the hustle and bustle of the vintage market! Here’s just a few of some of the fantastic wonders you can find within…

Wednesday’s Child

The finest vintage and retro clothing accessories! Think pipes, monocles, pocket watches and more, everything you need to give yourself a stiff upper lip and a touch of class!

Sol Laug Havens

Handmade candles and soaps are just the tip of the iceberg in this carefully crafted range of products including gentleman’s skincare oils, soaps and and other all natural body care creations.

Couture Costumes

Driven by a dedication to sustainability, they’re changing the world one costume at a time; their vintage collection encompasses a hand-picked selection of the finest festival furs, hats, underwear as outerwear & oriental fashion.

Charlotte Clark

Hand crafted, kiln fired ceramics, totally unique and with a range of collections from the macabre and curious, to her animal lady variety. You won’t find these anywhere else!


Homeopathic remedies, crystals, incense, gemstones, jewellery and all manner of trinkets and curiosities to help satisfy your mind, your body and your spirit.


Ashanti Empress

African festival fashion, stitching together vibrant West African print and design with UK streetwear and festival aesthetics. Ethically sourced, lovingly made and every purchase works towards helping the Ghanaian community!



What sort of market would we be if the air wasn’t filled with the sizzling scents of amazing food? To sort it all out we’ve turned to some experts to supply the day’s flavours – Digbeth Dining Club!

They’ve brought an all-star lineup, so expect to tickle your taste buds with some of these…and a few surprises…


Baked In Brick

Cooking some of the most mouth-watering dishes you’ve ever seen, over smoking hot coals in a converted mini, these street food maestros are certified professionals. With their history as winners of the 2016 Street Food Awards, they’ve certainly got the right credentials.


Victoria Creperie

Masters of the crepe, these artists will dazzle you with a range of truly marvellous crepes; sweet or savoury, they’re cooked to perfection in front of your eyes and filled with a range of delectable fillings!



The humble pie… is not something you’ll find here! Instead expect a masterclass in pastry engineering, with insane flavours including our personal favourite, the bacon cheeseburger pie which has to be tasted to be believed!



Image result for steamship circus


A bazaar it may be but it’s infused with all the character that makes Swingamajig special, there’s a variety of entertainment on offer for all the family and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Alongside others, you can expect to find…


Heavy Beat Brass Band

Busking up and down the dusty streets of the Vintage Bazaar is a collective like no other! Inspired by the heavyweight drum beats of the streets of New Orleans they bring a massive brass sound to the shores of the UK! With roaring remixes of jazz, pop, funk and swinging classics, they’re guaranteed to keep you dancing.


Steamship Circus

What would a bazaar be without a group of rascals wowing and amazing you with incredible street performances? This eccentric and eclectic group of dashing sky pirates have come flying up from the South Coast to astound you with a cavalcade of circus wonders and are sure to keep a smile on your face and wonder in your eyes.


Explore and unwind

That’s just a little teaser of what you can expect as you venture through the winding maze of the Vintage Bazaar, there’s plenty more to find and you’ll just have to explore to discover it all. The Vintage Bazaar is totally free to enter, family friendly and open from 11am to 6pm, so you’ve got not excuse not to dive in!