Inner circle VIP packs

The Swingamajig Inner Circle VIP upgrade pack

Do you love Swingamajig, want to help support the festival but also get a load of goodies for a ludicrously low price? Well the Inner circle upgrade pack is for you. What started as a way of preordering Swingamajig t-shirts has spiralled out of control and do we have something special for you

What is it/is in it?

  • A brand new Swingamajig t-shirt in your size (The design is secret you won’t see it until the day)
  • A Swingamajig poster signed by the Electric Swing Circus
  • A handy festival program
  • Audio download codes from ragtime records
  • A whole host of of other discounts and perks to be used across the Botanical Ball
  • Other things…

After launching in 2019 we worked out that picking everything up on the way in is more trouble than it is worth, so this year we will post everything to you in advance, so you will get an advance look at all the timings and start planning what you want to see!

Considering that a Swingamajig t-shirt on its own will be about £15 to purchase on the day this really is a fantastic deal – so what are you waiting for? Come and join the Inner Circle and see you in May!