OMG! They’re back!

omg it's the church

Praise Sexy Jesus!

For all you no good heathens out there who need a little bit of The Lord and his holy party guidance in your life, we’ve got just the ticket to salvation! We are extremely excited to welcome Oh My God! It’s The Church back to Swingamjaig!

Fronted by the peerless preacher Reverend Michael Alabama Jackson, this Church for the Underground is completed by a trio of soulful choir girls; Sister Mary Lou, Sister Mary Jane and Sister Mary Joy along with their resident organ maestro Morgan The Organ. Together they are on a divine mission from God, journeying out of the deep South to spread party spirit across the world and this missionary expedition involves plenty of Soul, some Disco, some Rock n’ Roll and a flood of holy absinthe. They’re here to absolve you of your sins, cleanse the spirit and put on a show of biblical proportions!

Recently nominated for ‘Live Act of the Year’ at the 2017 Festival Congress Awards, if you’re in their congregation you’re certainly in for a treat, repenting has never looked or sounded so good and never has it been as fun. They’re colourful, outrageous, flamboyant, inappropriate, hilarious and most importantly, as devout as they come.

Do you love Sexy Jesus?

Fancy an absinthe baptism?

Need some hymns that you can really get down to?

Then this is the church for you!



So if you’re ready to be saved, ready to rejoice and ready to shout Hallelujah, then get ready for the church service of a lifetime.

As the good Reverend would say:

“If Sexy Jesus is your Saviour, you gotta love your neighbour.
Whether straight or gay, black or white, we party and praise into the night.
A Church for the People both lost and found, a secret Church for the Underground.
A Church for the naughty a Church for the lovin’…
If you don’t sin, Jesus died for nothin’.”