Swingamajig 2020 Is Postponed

It is with great sadness, that we are announcing Swingamajig 2020 is to be postponed. 


We want to thank everyone from the Swingamajig family for all their hard work so far, this event was shaping up to be an incredible show, but safety has to come first. We want you to know that the show is not cancelled – but postponed until May 2nd (bank holiday Sunday) 2021.


We will be putting on a smaller event this autumn (COVID-19 permitting) and are investigating our options with venues and dates as you read this.

Watch this space for more information. 

Alongside the 2020 autumn event and Swingamajig 2021, we want you to join us online on May 8th for the Swingamajig Quarantine Party – streamed live to your home.

With us all battening down the hatches, it is important to have some fun and we are going to be organising an online party from Swingamajig HQ!

️ Click ‘Interested’ or Going’ to the Facebook event page here to keep updated: 

We want to say a special thank you to our venue and all the artists, crew and suppliers for sticking with us.Without their support and understanding, we might not have made it through.

A lot of people have lost out and the next few years are going to be tough, but one thing you can do right now to help is by listening to the Swingamajig Spotify playlist!

Here you can find, not only incredible artists but by listening in and racking up those streams, you will be helping to support musicians who have been hit hard with cancellations in the current climate.

Info for ticket holders please check your email for information on how to defer/refund you tickets which is done from you  theticketsellers account

Any queries please email festival@swingamajig.co.uk

Info for all Ticket Holders
Please Log in to your theticketsellers account where you can pick one of the following options:


Option 1 – Keep Your Ticket – This is valid for either of the upcoming Swingamajig events to be held in Autumn 2020 and May 2021 the choice is yours! We will be announcing our plans soon, but you can wait for more details to be released before making your decision. We hope you choose this option but if you do find at a later date you cannot attend, you can still opt for options 2 or 3.


Option 2 – Donate your Ticket – While we don’t expect this of anyone, if you do wish to donate your ticket to support the festival, then this option does exist. By donating your ticket you will join the Swingamajig Heroes Hall of fame, receive discounts when booking future events, as well as other perks down the road!


Option 3 – Get a Refund – Anyone who would like to, can receive a refund for the face value of the ticket they have purchased. Unfortunately, the booking fee is non-refundable. If you do choose this option, we fully understand, thank you for supporting the festival and we hope to see you at one of our future events!