Swingamajig Insane Hardmode Quiz

Welcome to the Swingamajig insane hardmode quiz, please email your answers to festival@swingamajig.co.uk by the time the stream ends
The winner will receive a prize of a litre of Gurangutan and some bamboo shot glasses courtesy of Nic (thanks Nic)
This quiz is aimed at Swingamajig veterans and crew but all may enter the ring and in whatever form of team they whish. These a no rules no holds barred quiz (except you arent allowed to cheat so don’t look them up on the internet but still I doubt if many of the answers are there!)

Round 1 Entertainment

  1. Who is the most expensive band we have ever booked?
  2. Other than ESC and C@ in the H@ who has played the festival the most times
  3. Name an American act that has performed at the festival?
  4. What is Stomp Stomp?
  5. Other than Ragtime Records, which label has had a stage at swingamajig

Round 2 History

  1. How many Swingamajig Speakeasys (at Shambala Festival have there been)
  2. Along with Shambala, Swingamajig has done take overs at a couple of other festivals name one
  3. There is one food trader who has been with us since the start in 2013 – who is it?
  4. Since 2013 Beth has had a stall selling vintage costumes, merch and all sorts, but what is her festival shop actually called?
  5. What stupid name did Pat want to call the festival that makes it sound like a swing themed conference?
  6. What came first the Festival itself of the song about the festival by Electric Swing Circus by the same name?

Round 3 Festival Goings on

  1. Last year Stage #2 was the Band stand, but our live stage 2 has had a load of different names at different venues. Can you name one? (Im only accepting live band stage #2 answers not other stages or live band stage #3 names to be specific!)
  2. Gurangutan Nic has brought a parlour game to the festival in 2018 and 2019.  It was first delivered to Toms house but unknown to us it was heavier than the sun and took 6 of us to lift it to get it out of the street what is the game?
  3. Last year Tom slept in the back of a van in the carpark outside the botanical gardens to take a delivery of what at 3am?
  4. We had stage FX for the fist time (not counting 2017 where we tried to have stage FX and ordered the wrong things!) on the main stage in 2019 – what special effect was this?
  5. Which years did not have an official Swingamajig Afterparty? (I want all of them! If you want the easy quiz then do that at 18:30, for here be dragons!)

Round 4 Festival mishaps – please identify the following years

  1. The venue built a brickwork DJ Booth right in the middle of where we wanted to put the cabaret stage 2 weeks before the show date and then didn’t tell us about…
  2.  We had festival goers ‘fall in the pond’
  3. We send out balloons in the crowd during the ESC’s set that immediately disappeared down the road
  4. We turn up the morning of the show and had to clear up an actual rubbish tip.
  5. The venue didn’t have the appropriate licences to put a PA system on the street and we had to fudge it last minuet with the council to get it through in time

Round 5 – the video round
Watch the video of our first Swingamajig set to the song Swingamajig and name all the acts (count bands DJs and performers)