Swingamajig Streetfood 2019 Line up!

Proudly Presenting the 2019 Swingamajig Street Food Line Up…

Castaway kitchen
Ahoy there Mateys, Castaway Kitchen is washing up on the shores of music festivals this summer. Offering up our range of Mediterranean influenced soft Greek pita wraps and root vegetable fries.

Mrs Patels
Street food is too broad a term. We prefer to call it home food. This is the food that Mrs Patel makes, handed down through many generations The source is a small village in Gujarat on the westernmost coast of India. The recipes are unwritten and yes, before you ask, guarded.

Hungry toad…

OuHigh quality and locally sourced ingredients put the ‘Soul’ into our South West States inspired Soul Food dishes. The concept of the Hungry Toad was born in the Summer of 2011 and they have been at every Swingamajig since the birth of the festival in 2013

Platinum pancakes
From Birmingham, Platinum Pancakes prepare the most incredible pancakes from the freshest ingredients and have the most fun doing it. They buy local produce, direct from farmers and weave a little bit of magic into everything they do.

Pizza love

What can we say, everyone loves pizza! Pizza love have been with us at Swingamajig before and we had such great feedback they are back again!
Made in the UK, our oven is a one of a kind masterpiece capable of cooking 7 x 10 inch pizzas in under 2 minutes. Tasty, Fresh, Affordable. We only use the best ingredients, seasonal vegetables and also provide vegan and gluten free options

Super Fry Guys
Just two blokes serving up traditional style Belgian Frites with gourmet toppings and dips to hungry folk.

Gloria and Lils 
Vintage-style home-made cakes, savoury bakes and a proper cup of tea. You might have seen the at Swingamajig before under the name of HMS Cupcake.