Swingin’ VIP Treatment Darling

This year at Swingamajig, there’s something a little special, one for the movers and shakers and those with that touch of extra class; a top secret, luxurious VIP area curated by the incredible Rose Rokoko. Getting in won’t be easy, but for those who do make it inside, expect a world of decadence and grandeur. There are opportunities for everyone to gain a way inside, be it through finding the right password, bagging yourself one of the entrance tokens hidden around the event, or just ending up knowing the right person on the day! But if you and your friends want to experience its hidden delights, you’re going to have to hunt! Compete in games, follow clues, answer riddles, talk to our colourful characters and sleuth around enough and you might just find yourself in with a chance to party like a star!

Once inside, you’ll be whisked into a private retreat, a world normally reserved for the upper echelons of Hollywood society; the Humphrey Bogarts, Audrey Hepburns and Fred Astaires. Expect the most extravagant in hospitality, in a private space that’s curated to make you feel like a big personality in the golden age of swing! This is a private resort that understands the delights a diva of your standing in society deserves.

Get swept away by a fully-fledged red carpet experience; rub shoulders with the hottest celebrities and receive all the complimentary treats you’re entitled to as a Swingamajig VIP, sought after advice from top sloth fashion gurus, mythical creatures kept there just for your pleasure, fabulous surrealist artists and of course, over excited members of the press who simply MUST get a few words and a snap of you for their big cover story. Taste the most luxurious in fine gin – FifthSPIRE, a classic taste with an added big citrus infusion straight from local distillers Greywood Distillery, then dabble in some grand stakes as a high roller at the private casino tables.

This is no ordinary casino though; instead expect a world of trickery and silky smooth gangster action run by the heads of the Swing Mafia – Those Two Magicians. Having worked their way straight to the top with every hustle, swindle, flimflam and gambit in the book, now they feel it’s time to give back to the community… Or at least that’s what they say! So if you think your eyes are faster than their hands, come and try your luck. Hopefully you’ll be leaving in the money and not in a pair of concrete slippers!

If that all tickles your fancy and you think you’re fancy enough to fit in, then keep an eye on our social media feeds and newsletters, keep your ears open on the day, and make sure to get involved with as many things as possible for an opportunity to become one of the Swingamajig elite and to experience a day to be remembered, at a party like no other!